The band started out as BL Highproject in the living room of Stephan Larsson (R.I.P), keyboard. He had some "goofy" things in his head and wanted some guitar added. Bjarne took a guitar, a Vox Tonelab, a pick under the arm and off it went.

After a while there were many embryos that were meshed and friends suddenly said, "you should put a band together". The band was created with people that wanted to play live and to expand the creativity process. They settled for the classic line-up: drums, vocals, keyboard, guitar and bass.

The core of the process was that every instrument would have its own space. To fill the frequency space that a human ear can pick up with each instrument.

Space is good...

Today every musician in the band has a long history in playing music. The common ground is wanting to play "things" that they have feeling for, no autopilot will be engaged, and nothing is marked "no" in the creative process.

Highproject are reside in Västerås, a town near Stockholm (capitol of Sweden).

The music is coming from the heart, hopefully played for people listening with heart and soul.

And the story continues.....