Stefan Andersson


Born: 1971, Västerås Sweden

Stefan started his musical career when he was 13. His older brother came home with Saxons live LP "The Eagle Has Landed" and the thought of playing guitar started to grow in his head.

After a couple lessons of learning basic chords on acoustic guitar, he wanted to try out electric guitar. A very kind music teacher at school let him borrow a guitar and an amp over the weekends.

Practicing furiously for a couple weeks made him reach his first goal, learning to play that Saxon album.

Some years later he overheard two guys in school talking about needing a bass player for their band. Said and done! He played in various bands for the next 10 years, and at the age of 23 he decided to quit playing due to his family situation with two little kids.

17 years later he was asked to play bass at a company event with a rock cover band. The drummer in that band (Magnus Lindeborg of SSC) invited Stefan to start playing with Magnus' other band. Stefan accepted the offer and joined that band.

A few months later Stefan brought in Dan Svanbom (of SSC) and they connected immediately. As they grew tighter musically they started to feel that they wanted to do their own thing. In May 2013 Stefan, Dan and Magnus started Sonic State Capital.

This is Stefan's first ride into the world of progressive rock, 

and he loves it.


Spector bass

Mesa Boogie amps

Tech21 VT Bass

Keeley Compressors


Saxon, Accept, Alter Bridge, Alice In Chains 

10 songs of inspiration: Spotifylink