Robert Johansson Lind


Born: 1988, Hallstahammar, Sweden 

One of the first rock/hard rock albums I ever got was "Machine Head" by Deep Purple. I guess my father wanted me to start down the right path. So you could say that I was indoctrinated at a very young age.

My musical journey started at the ripe young age of 14. I was thrown into a band and handed a bass guitar and a microphone. At the time not being able to either sing or play any instruments. But my passion for Hard Rock helped me alot. As a young musician me and my band "Temple", only played the most Classic of classics, like "Paranoid" and "Rock You Like A Hurricane". So there was no doubt that my future was in rock! We were very dedicated and rehearsed all the time. Of which I am grateful for today.

In High-school I joined a Power Metal band called "Astral Kingdom". And it was there I got to develop my voice in the higher Registre. And ever since my heart has had a real sweet spot for that Genre. Later I auditioned as a singer for the Malmö-based band "Edge of a Circle". We played a lot and released an EP that you can find on Spotify. Link

But as all good things, the band sadly broke apart. I spent some time just recording my own songs and honing my singing chops, and not long thereafter I started a Project with a good friend called Pete Walkmountain. A stellar guitarist and songwriter. We started writing an EP to release ourselves on Spotify. Under the name "EmberStorm" and is now writing more music under the name "Ability". It's an ongoing project. Link

But my thirst for a real band and playing live, lead me to a fellow plumber Who also happened to have a big desire to play Deep Purple covers. So we started a cover band called "Stormbringer". And we spent a couple of years gigging. But eventually I left the band. Stormbringer - Touch of Purple | Facebook

During my time in "Stormbringer" I came into contact with an organist called Anders Altzarfeldt, And he took me under his wing and introduced me to all of his bands, among them I would find Highproject. And the rest is history to be written.