Lovisa "Loa" Pingani


Born: 1969, Västerås, Sweden

I was only 3,5 years old when I did my first singing performance. It was a midsummer event with more than 1000 in the audience.

Singing has been a big part of my childhood. Together with my family we sang spiritual songs, mostly in churches.

When I was 15 years old, my sisters and I had our own pop/rock band, "the Reflexion band". We composed our own music and were going on tours.

As an adult it has not been so much singing for me. From time to time, I have done some performances as backing vocalist (rock bands). I have also been singing in a choir.

I am sooo happy to say, that after many years with other interests and jobs, I have now found the joy to sing again. It feels fantastic to improve my voice and enjoy the fun to sing together with people who loves to create music.

 Highproject is now a part of that!