Highproject CD

1000 People (8:46)
Trust in Me (9:36)
Prime Time (6:16)
Rhayader Goes to Town (5:42)
Silent Treatment (6:56)
Veil (7:48)

All songs by
A. Altzarfeldt, Peter Avelin, Bjarne Forsbom, Mikael Grönroos, Robert Johansson Lind

Exept Rhyader Goes to Town 
byPeter Bardens, Andrew Latimer
Publisht by RAK

Anders Altzarfeldt - Hammond Organ, Keyboards

Stefan Andersson - Bass

Bjarne Forsbom - Guitar

Mikael Grönroos - Drums, Percussion

Robert Johansson Lind - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion

Special Guest

Lovisa "Loa" Pingani - Background Vocals

Recorded and arranged in 2021 by


Mixed by

A. Altzarfeldt, S. Andersson, R. Johansson Lind

Mastered by

S. Andersson

This CD is a product of the Corona restriction. Everyone recorded their bit buy themselves in their home or home studios.

We would like to thank our families, witout their support this product would not have happened.

We would also thank everyone that has been in the band from the beginning, you know who you are.

Thanks to Eva-Lena Eriksson for the photo of the band and Studiefrämjandet for there support of this CD.

And a special thanks to Stephan Larsson (RIP), without whom this band wouldn't exist. Hope you "like it" Stephan.