Memorylane 4

Mikael Grönroos

 Tracklist by "DruMMike" (in non special order)

1. Alan Parsons Project - The Turn of a Friendly Card (all chapters) from the album The Turn of a Friendly Card (1984)

APP has a wide music style but with a very distinct sound. In my opinion this album is definitely one of their best. This long track of five chapters shifts in style in a very comfortable way. The drummer, Stuart Elliot, is also one of my favourite. Very musical and solid in his playing. The orchestral arrangements by APP are always first class. Alan Parsons solo albums are also great although many of us miss the late Eric Woolfson, which was the second half of the project.

2. Mike Oldfield - The Lake from the album Discovery (1984)

Simon Phillips, which is definitely one of my favourite drummers, co-produced and engineered this great album with Mike Oldfield and I think the end result is superb. The drumming is more of painting rather than the typical timekeeping. I seem to enjoy drum parts that are a little bit different and instrumental music in general more than vocal music. Mike Oldfield is my number one artist/musician. A true multi-instrumentalist and master in composing various styles of music.

3. SAGA - A Brief Case from the album SAGA in Transit (live) (1982)

SAGA has written many good songs over the years but this track has a special place in my drum heart. This drumsolo is probably one of the best I have ever heard because it is so well played between Steve Negus (drummer) and Michael Sadler (vocals/bass). There is nothing fancy about the solo but it is powerful. The name of this track comes from the brief case which includes a number pads that Michael is playing on in front of the stage. Check this out on the youtube.

4. John Williams - Star Wars Main Title from the album Star Wars IV - A New Hope (1977/ special edition 1997)

What can I say other than he is one of the best film music composers in the world. I have many of his soundtracks on CD. The first ever LP I bought was STAR WARS - A New Hope, and I still have it. I have always been a major Star Wars fan. The music is so powerful and probably one of the most famous and recognizable themes ever. I'm not surprised that Mr. Williams won an Oscar for this soundtrack. He is 90+ years and still conducting and composing. Very Impressive!

5. TOTO - Alone from the album Old is New (2018)

Many great drummers have played with TOTO. In this particular song, which is actually from 2018, the drummer is no less than Vinnie Colaiuta. He is, by many drummers, considered to be the best (now living) drummer in the world and also a major influence to me. There is simply no style of music that he cannot play and extremely well too. Joseph Williams is back and he is probably my favourite singer of those, quite many, singers that has sang in TOTO in the past.

6. Hans Zimmer - Now We Are Free from the album Gladiator (2000)

Wow, this man has blown my mind several times with his beautiful film music scores. Gladiator is one of those exotic masterpieces with tremendous amount of emotions. I have many of his soundtracks on CD and I had a hard time to decide which one to list here. His use of various percussion instruments and large choirs has caused many goosebumps. He is truly a master and thinks outside the box, always surprising with new great ideas and arrangements.

7. Tribute - New Views from the album New Views (1984)

This Swedish symphonic band was partly from my hometown, Norrköping. Their peak years were 1983-1987. In this first album the multi-instrumentalist Gideon Andersson plays the drums with such perfection and better than many "only drummers"! From the second album, Breaking Barriers, the French super drummer Pierre Moerlen (Oldfield/ Gong) joined the group. He was one of my first major drum influences. His double stroke rolls were the best I've ever heard!

8. Marillion - Just For The Record from the album Clutching At Straws (1987)

Marillion is one of those bands that I have been listening to since my early teens in the 80's. This is the last Marillion album by the singer "Fish" and probably their best album according to me. I like Ian Mosley's drumming on this track, that is very creative and musical, as always. Listen also to the fantastic keyboard solo by Mark Kelly. The guitar playing by Steven Rothery is also always first class, especially his very musical solos.

9. Andreas Vollenweider - The Glass Hall (all chapters) from the album White Winds (1984)

I was in the high school when my Philosophy teacher played this album. I was instantly hooked. I have always been a sucker for odd time signatures and the 5/4 in this particular tune is nice. I love World Music with all the exciting instruments and sounds. Andreas is an amazing harp player and composer. His music fits perfectly when you are in a mood for a more mellow type of music. Walter Keiser's drumming are always tasty.

10. Secret Garden - Suite from the album Winter Poem (2011)

Secret Garden is a perfect mix of fimmusic and Irish/Nordic folkmusic. Beautiful and very emotional compositions. Their music goes straight into your heart. Secret Garden consist actually only of Rolf Lovland (piano) and Fionnuala Sherry (violin), but they hire talented musicians, famous singers and sometimes large orchestras. Rolf Lovland composes all of their music and what a genius he is! This Suite really shifts in mood and style and is a perfect example of their sound.