Memorylane 2

Bjarne Forsbom

Wishbone Ash - Front Page News (Live)

Andy Powell, my guitar hero. Ash...This was the first record I bought myself new from them, I'm still blown away by the simplicity of the world's most unknown/famous guitar riff in E at 2.20, still blows my socks of. Ash, the band that had opening acts in the seventies like ZZ Top and Springsteen. Those were the days. If Ash hadn't been around, then Thin Lizzy might not have been the band they became, they were inspired by Ash.

Jericho - Justin and Nova 

12 years old I got to borrow the whole record collection from a school janitor, who happened to be a drummer as well, I still listen to this record. Israelian band, fun fact.

Journey - Of a Lifetime

Had no idea about them when I came home with their first album and this song came strumming out. Little did I know that they had gone down the drain with their later productions (my opinion of course), "is it the same band?" I asked myself in the record shops when I started chasing their records

Robin Trower - Bridge of Sighs

Another guitar hero from the first album I heard with him, Robin Trower. As good today as when I then sat in front of the speaker in my boy room with a borrowed janitor record. Btw, the intro riff was the first riff I figured out how to play.

Status Quo - Im My Chair (Live) 

Quo's live album, the first album I bought for own money, 13 years of age, great song.

Neil Merryweather - Star Rider

The man, the myth, Neil Merryweather and his Space Rangers, heavy as...well, no other. Still listen I getting old??

Cactus - One Way...Or Another

Back from CAN be played in another way then BB King.

Groundhogs - Cherry Red

The same with Groundhogs, I got my odd playstyle, maybe, from Tony here, don't know?

Little Feat - Cold, Cold, Cold 

The two genius players, Lowell George and drummer Ritchie Hayward, from 72, first time listening to this, "what the heck is this beat..."? And beautiful, at 3.22, still today, a great smile on my face to hear this kind of rhythm section.

Walter Rossi - Hey Serena

Yes, I am a sucker for good riffs. This man hooked me as a young teenager, still does.