Memorylane 5

Lovisa "Loa" Pingani

Äppelbo gånglåt

My father was a man with many interests. One was to play the violin. He was self-taught and played with the local musicians. When I hear this song, I get happy, and I remember the events when my father brought out his violin and foamed the guests. We liked to sing along to vocals.... I miss you dad!

Haleluja (From "Eurovision 1979")

This song became the first profane song that my mother introduced in our song repertoire. It was translated into Swedish lyrics. Hallelujah, beautiful song, Hallelujah when all at once, with a common heart, hand in hand, to the cheers of great harps ........

AlphaVille- Big in Japan

I was 14 when this song was released. At that time, it was very important to clarify whether you belonged to those who liked synth music or hard rock. I already knew that hard rock was my music. But sometimes I got stuck in some song with synth music, this song was one of those. I got this LP. And when you had one, you listened to it repeatedly. Phenomena- Dance with the devilTotally wrong lyrics for me when I was young, but so good music(LP) that you could not deny it. Glen Hughes song is magic.

Stryper-The Way

To hell with the devil (1986). Lyrics with message of Jesus singing in combination with Hard rock (not common in the eighties). The members had perfect outfits, they had long curly hair and clothes in black and yellow colors (stripes). Just like a hardrocker should look like. 

Helloween- I want out

I also got this LP, listen repeatedly, so much that I never again had listen to Helloween. 

TOTO- Africa

I had a friend who was a drummer. He had his drums in the basement and loved to play together with songs by Toto. It was not difficult to understand, I liked them too. We went to Toto´s concert to see them live. 

Freda`- I enannan del av världen

To have lyrics in Swedish was declared stupid. But when this band came, with this magic singer (Uno), that was forgotten. The lyrics and his voice were special, I liked it.