Memorylane 1

Anders Altzarfeldt


Paul Mauriat - L'amour est bleu

This song has stuck in my mind since I first heart it at the end of the sixties. I have always loved this melody.

Santana - Black Magic Woman

This was a song that I played in my first band Contact. I love the first Santana records they did, with Gregg Rolie on the Hammond.

Led Zeppelin - No Quarter (Live)

My cousin was a big fan of Led Zeppelin and I remember listen to this in headphones and I was blown away. John Paul Jones what a genius.

Sweet - Set Me Free

My friend Ronny and I played this one, over and over again, on his father's stereo. His father had a Quadrophonic stereo. We used to borrow his father's Hagstörm DeLuxe Sparkle & Petaloid guitar and pose.

Slade - Get Down and Get With it (Live)

With this song I was standing on stage and mime to it. We did it in school at an auditorium full of student. I can say that we went down with a storm, everybody stood on the chairs and some of them was wrecked. I had a Gibson Gold Top round my neck, and my fingers was probably on the wrong place on that neck.

Deep Purple - Lazy (Live)

The maestro Jon Lord, what a player. This version is so good and was so strange when I heard it the first time. How the hell did he do that sound in the beginning. Made in Japan was played a lot, and I knew then that I had chosen the right instrument and I had to buy a real Hammond someday.

Beatles - Revolution

Back in 1977 we were on an school trip to London and this song was played a lot on the Jukebox at the hotel.

Jean-Michel Jarr - Oxygen 1

When this came out, I bought it on cassette, and I was in another stratosphere. Put on the headphones and just float away. What a masterpiece.

The Animals - House of the Rising Sun

When I began to play organ, this song was in the repertoire. I had heard it before and always like it. This is the original version, but I can recommend a version of a band called Georgie, with Brian Johnson as a singer.

Kiss - Getaway

Many times, when I come home from school, and was by myself, I put this on and stand in front of a panorama window and just played air guitar. I love this song and I was a huge Kiss fan. I still love the old Kiss records.