Memorylane 6

Robert Johansson Lind

Spirit Never Die

This song was my first introduction to the powerhouse vocalist Jorn Lande, and he has been one of two of my biggest inspirations vocally ever since. 


 My favourite song from the first Fantasy/metal album i ever bought. 

 Isis And Osiris

 I just love epic ensemble Rock operas, and this song and the album it came from is one of my favourites.

 White Sister

This song was the first time that I realised that you really need to practise singing to make a classic justice.

 Prince Charming

 Just heavy Rock was a big part of my childhood, and this one takes me back.

 Play the Game Tonight

The voice, the sounds, the arrangements. Need I say more.

 Sea of Lies

The second of my biggest inspirations vocally Sir Russel Allen and my favourite band of all time.

 Gates of Babylon

 Just Epicness on a whole new level. Fun to listen to and even more fun to play.

 July Morning

One of the first times I ever heard a Hammond organ was on this song, And the drive is just insane. This and Child in Time by Deep purple is very high on my list.

Sunset Station

 Another one with Jorn Lande on vocals. This song is just pure life for me.